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Reviews for "WKUK Russian Roulette"

Tasteful and Entertaining!

I enjoyed it a lot, the animation was great even for stick figures and on top of that, the voices were awesome and the randomness was superb.

overall good stuff


This is the first actually funny flash i've seen on NG in a while. Thats why im gibbing u a ten.


Yet so simple, yet so funny. Aint got any things to come up with to help you improve your next movie.

Jombo1 responds:

Yeah I was thinking of like...color or something. lol


its funny and it shows why you dont play russian roulette.lol at the weed part


LOL! This is so awesome! You would've gotten a 10 if you had proper graphics and a replay button.

Jombo1 responds:

Yeah I noticed I forgot to code the replay button right after I submitted it D: