Reviews for "Friendly Fire: BaG"


It's so much fun. This game deserves medals. The mini-nuke is awesome its so powerful. It's got great replay trying to get all weapons and acheivments.

55/68 achievments!

Great game!

luv it!

I love the characters!

a game Ted Nugent could love!!

great game! i had lots of fun playing the game repeatedly to test out many weapons my fave was shurikenlauncher. hope to see another game with more weapons! love the sound effects was it by you?lol 10/10

Spelgrim responds:

The sound effects are made by Niklas "Salkinitzor" Ström at www.finurligaljud.se

lol lol lol

A game to kill animals and extra gory this game was fun the gun noises homemade gun noises and the way sings while walking.BUT you should be able to scroll weapons be sides that great game 10/10 5/5