Reviews for "Friendly Fire: BaG"


damn porcupines


crazy weird game

Great game

The soundtrack is very funny, your arsenal is quite inventive (though not exactly balanced in terms of power level) and the whole concept is just so sick and twisted I can't help but love it. That being said, as SupahFluffy said, it's very depressing when you've almost won a level, you jump onto a platform to get an angle on some of the last guys, ..... and some baddy just falls onto the platform from above or some dude you didn't see walks into you and kills you right then and there. It also really sucks when a guy falls from the sky onto you (i've been killed several times on hard when a giant dude fell from the sky right onto me).


is so fnny soundtrack's own made by the character

"Only thing i say, Dude, is: Diobbubùùù!!!"

Most excellent

I hate to be CRITICOLA but I would DOUBLE KILL you over this issue - well not really, but I would prefer it if the projectiles did more damage and contact with the enemy did less. It's really frustrating on hard to dodge a barrage of pinecones or whatever, only to land and have one of those little cocksuckers spawn under you and kill you. Or worse, be on perfect health, blast an enemy beneath you then land on 4 of those mini fuckers and take 10 damage from them each, and be dead. Being dead is not fun. But the whole game is fun!!! Love it, love it, love it.

Oh I'd also like it to be downloadable, I'd play this as much as Madness Interactive.