Reviews for "Friendly Fire: BaG"


Lol, Same here 1628. Its a great game. I had a sudden urge to replay it. lol. I love killing cute things. :D


i almost lost this game took me 20 min to find it

love it

epic game man!

dammit i'm addict...

this game is an excellent source of giggles and senseless slaying...i'm struely a fan of this game! the little diddy the mustached-monocle man is charming and his gun sound effects are infectious!

bravo! :3


wow rele good game controls could use a lil more work tho. rele like the way the gun upgrades work so u gotta play it more then once to get all the guns! please make another one, a part 2. with amour upgrades an more lvls i bet it pretty quickly. great game play an set up of game. good shooter an defiantly would love to see a part2 pls.