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Reviews for "Friendly Fire: BaG"


its awesome but its needs some medals seriously

best game in newgrounds!

this is da best game i evered play in newgrounds 1000000000000000/10

AWSOME JOB ON the wepons and graphics too!

Complete Success

Amazing game, played it to death quite a while ago and wanted to find it again recently. So now I'm here again but with a NG account so I can say that this is the best game I've ever played on NewGrounds. I just wish there was more content and some better movement physics, as well as sometimes you land on something as it's spawning and it triple hits you if there's some delay from using certain weapons like the pirate cannon lags up the game.

I just can't decide which is the best gun in the game. The shuriken launcher and the pirate cannon can one hit anything if properly aimed, and while the sl can fire much faster and navigate corners through it's explosion the pc has a lasting effect that can be used preemptively to protect oneself from all directions (which if you can do properly means you play the game too much). But then there's the laser rifle which can hit an infinite number of targets through obstacles and increases ones screen view the most....hmmm


This game is great and I never tire of it. MAKE A SEQUEL SHOOTER! I played the TD Version and it was okai but laggy. Make a sequel with more guns AND MORE GORE PLZ!

Question here!

did you make the game? and if yes did you have to make the noises your self?

BTW my best score is 1337 :D