Reviews for "Friendly Fire: BaG"

super cool

I wish it gets badges

Fun, but a bit biased

The game is fun, full of mindless violence, cute creatures, and completely out of place sound effects, which should have made this a 10, but some factors contributed against it such as the lack of new types of music for each level (which would have been awesome), imbalance on the weapons such as the fact that machine guns are the absolute worst path to take as they overheat too quickly and deal too little damage, while the other, shorter fire weapons cause extreme damage that clears out practically anything which makes the game rather biased against people wanting rapid fire. Second detraction is some of the weapons of the cute creatures such as homing bees which you have absolutely no way to destroy and it is rather hard to evade those when two are coming at you in different directions, and with the lack of a double jump minus if you have the cannon or some other explosive weapon, makes it hard to be the perfect avoider. Third, the contact damage with creatures is absolutely ridiculous, as with machine gun users they get crowded too easily and with their fire rate simply being a very weaksauce hail of fire with no explosions or special effects (homing bullets seemed nice till I tried it...).

It's a good game, the animation is nice, the music and sound effects are rather unfitting which makes it fun to listen too, but the lack of variety and biased nature against one of the weapon paths and ridiculous consequences for hitting creatures without you dealing damage yourself is just wrong...


violence. That is what we need more of in games, every time you make a game like this it may save lives cuz we take out our anger on the lil bunnies! Loved the graphics, and how the sound effects were completely not matching what they should be XD. Great game, really entertaining and fun, and I want more! The only problem is the music get's really annoying. This had great lay out, really well planned. All the menus just flowed right into each other and were done so you didn't miss anything (which not many appreciate). Oh and the GORE was awesome! Great game! The music does get really redundant after a while.

Sweet game!

I loved this game, from the sound of your guy, to the fact that you are melting the faces off of small animals. The upgrade system allows for many different routes so I will have to play this till i try them all

Awesome game

Dude that is an AWESOME game...i like the gore part, especially on high
it made me hungry.............
anyway awesome game, 10/10