Reviews for "Epic War 3"

Pretty adictive

Once I won my first fight I kept playing untill I completely wiped thrir leader of the map and I kept doing that to them all one at a time.

Me like it

Awsome game almost got all the medals but CaveTrial 5 is only possible if you have all the cards that can stun monsters but those cards are hard to get...


0_0 more I want more great game


I completed this game ages ago on kongregate. Did all campains got all 4 titan cards an now i need proof by doin it again an gettin the NG versions of the medals.
But thts the thing its so good i dont mind doing the whole thing again :D


Awesome game, the graphics are really cool.There are many games like this one but definetly this got the best graphics.

It was a short game but still you get attacked some times, if the time for the troops to get prepared were faster and the enemy's hero would move too this game will be more entreteined.There were many upgrades too really expensive but it makes it more challenging.One of the things that i checked is that enemys get more cards even if i get a higher lvl hero you should give that info in world map so at least you know what his level is.Enemys should attack more instead of waiting for me to attack them.If you make a 4rth one try including some of this advices plz :D.

It is a great game graphics are fantastic. 5/5

Tips: Try to send all your troops to the attack including the hero, then when they get low health send them back so they recover some but still when you do that dont let them get too close to your castle that way you will get lots of money and exp just for killing some enemies.Also when you got all your troops done attack their castle unless you want more exp, its hard to getting someone killed when you have all troops but still it depends what they got.Dot that with the first one since they are the easier ones,One more thing if u see your hero is getting killed send him back so he doesnt gets killed, that way you wont lose the 10k bonus they give. ENJOY