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so so epic nom 1

Very very epic.

A great game.

Great game man

This game is adiccting as hell man even my girlfriend who doesnt really like games got hooked. only reason why you dont get 10 stars is the music. It gets waaaaayyy to repetitive and after a couple of fights of the same it starts to grate on you, and the fact that even though i have the epic heroes medal y couldnt get the 4 musketeers medal but everything else is amazing hope ew4 is just as good if not better

one of my favorite games on Newgrounds

I haven't been able to stop playing this for like three days now :P
this is probably the most addicting game I've ever seen.
the game play is incredibly fun, the playability is almost endless and I love the creatures you can choose from.
there's minor lag when too many characters come onto the screen, but it's almost not even noticeable.

Great Game!

I enjoyed the game greatly. It's the best one out of the 4 IMO. It's hard at the start at first then it gets easier. The only problem really is the loop in music and you can't get the 4musketeer medal. :\