Reviews for "Epic War 3"

Why does it keep crashing after levels?


Honestly this game is just bad. To start, this game is only about the mechanics, there's nothing else besides the combat. To have the combat flawed, just ruins this game. When I click my units forward, any on the map do that, but the allies that re spawn don't receive that command. I don't want to sit there spam clicking forward for the entire battle. You can easily fix this with a forward setting rather than a command. The next thing is, this game could really use a hold position setting so you can actually strategically place and combine units, rather than just some waste of time mosh pit. The next thing is with the starting character, you can use the fireball to attack the hero and make him travel the entire field with only a few stragglers, once picking of the enemy hero and masses, you just rush in. It works every time and is just too easy, it honestly ruins the game. With that being said, things like the phoenix strike wiping the entire map out, it's just stupid, and doesn't require skill or strategy. Those are the few things that would make this game less of a complete fail, but to best use your time, add something unique. Would it really be that hard to add things like towers or forts to be taken control of. Being able to post range units in towers and having perks for ownership. Something like that will make your game good, not just some random grind with a strategy that works every single time, for every battle.

good game cant find anything bad to write about expect the little baby rating it 0 and saying its to hard

This game is awesome!!

Awesome graphics, repetitive music but the challenge is so intense that made you forget the music.

One of my favorites games!!

Good job man!!