Reviews for "Epic War 3"

hm... only noticed one bug

the 4Musketeer trouphy is glitched? it doesn't seem like you're able to get it

other besides that. great game. had me playing for 2 days

Played It for Hours

Overall one of the most addictive flash games I've played. It especially appeals to me because of my love for heroic fantasy. At first control over the units perplexed me. I really had to go into the tuturial and learn a little more. It only took me a couple of minutes before I understood how to play effectively.
The only think I can think of to improve the game is spawn points.
Most Strategy games give you the option of allow units to cluster at a certain point in the battle field.
I'd get so engrossed in the battle I'd forget sometimes that I had units waiting at home base. If I could just click a point on the screen where they'd go as soon as they spawned, I'd have enjoyed it more. Not that I didn't enjoy this game extremely. Its one of the best I've played. Thank you.


Ok this is the best out of all of them
1, NO BOW!!! The for me kinda madde the game a little confusing
2 The units are awesome
3 You can be other people
4 ( favorite) you can use the other peoples stuff when you beat them!!


Was a good game, well made and executed.

I found the longer I played it the more boring and annoying it got.

I mean adding in emergency waves when you start to cripple the enemy base was really annoying. There was points where there was over 300+ enemy units on the map from the reinforcements then they just wipe across the map and your dead. :\

perhaps a cap on the number of units on thep map for the enemy would be nice.

Eitherway, was entertaining for awhile 8/10


I love the game and its really good too. I finally maxed it out too. i got all cards, all cot done, and won with all characters. I particularily like this one because of the card factor i only have one complain

CoT 5 : I dont care for the difficulty infact ive beaten it and i love it. My only complaint is why the hell is the attack that the goblin does is so LOUD!? Its a sharp knife-like sound that is a hundred times louder than the music and it freakin kills my ears.