Reviews for "Epic War 3"

Fun and addictive

Interesting departure from the Epic Line. Same style of play with all new upgrades.

One criticism, the music is good but it gets boring. Long games need more variety of music.


thats what i yelled when i beat cave of trial 4 awesome game :)

Very good

as the name suggest it's epic

Really good!

Took a bit of a different approach with this from the second and first, but it's still a great playing experience!

Cannoner's Tip

Hi this is Wes1120 this is not the most oragnle idea but after my Review on Last Stand 2 i thought of makeing a "Tip" servise (if there are any typos i mean not for them) but on this game i started as Grullbo/qll Grimtooth (never understood the name) But i got a Cannon. At first it was a slow unit but after doing some upgrades to it it was realy helpfull it was good for knocking units back good defence and good when you need a quick Castle destruction (you still might want some other units helping though) but the battles get tough and the Cannon is just a good over all unit. Hope this helps Wes1120 10/10