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Reviews for "ex-girlfriend"

Oh dear god I fucking lol'd.

Not much to talk about. A simple black and white feel is obviously the best one for something like this.

Great work, I'm still laughing.


BUT! Really Really FUNNY!!!!! I LOU IT!!!!!!!=]

(O_O) . . .

My reaction to this was brief and fleeting.
But...I sympathizes.
Sometimes that just how guys feel.


a quick, sure-to-please video not many can top in two seconds.

faved and 5-ed!

this comment is officially jelly.

A quick laugh.

I was wondering why a film that had such a low file size was doing so excessively well. After watching it, I can totally understand why. The flash moves so fast and the punchline is delivered so quickly you can't help but to find it amusing. The animation was good, but maybe some color could have been added or some more motion. You definately achieved your goal of making it straight to the point, this was an amusing short.

The little bit of animation there was was funny and well done. Plus the floating "blahs" everywhere helped establish the ex-girlfriend stereotype that we have come to know. I also like how the punchline was a punch itself, a clever pun in my opinion. Overall, it was two of the most enjoyable seconds of my life. Keep up the excellent work.