Reviews for "Anime Character Maker 2"


good enough, but, it would be better if you could save the charactors, but other then that it has great graphics, a good selection of choice and could entertain for hours!!! 9 stars


This was useful for me to help come up with what my characters would look like in a Kamen Rider story I came up with Called Kamen Rider Keiser.

i like what i see thus far..

good start sor a basic character maker, and i agree this is more of a tool than a game, to get a cool looking character idea to start on, or even for random characters to mess around with, but i still feel it would be more effective if you improved a few key things.

-Placement of certain facial features, some of them seem awkwardly placed like the noses and eyes.
-Ordering certain items to the front would be nice, and simple too, just an "order to front" button, that way i dont have to deal with annoying overlaps that affect how i want my character to look
-colour is a biggie, i understand the difficulty of having to make a colour slide, but if you cant do that then at least make the colour selections make a little more sense, like i forget which section but i would click brown and it would come out pinkish mauve.

again its a great tool, but these drawbacks make it much harder to achieve the look i want, if you were to spend a little more time on the small details like the ones i mentioned it would make it much more effective.

(title in work)

This was a very good character creator. You had a ton of options that leads to a huge number of combinations. The artwork was very good. Lots of shading and detail in every object. Clearly you put a lot of effort into this. I liked the interface...very easy to use. Could have used some music though.

I hate anime and I found it fun.

Other then some issues with layering and items on the body matching up where they should be, it was pretty fun to play with.