Reviews for "Violent Encounter"


OMG.... lol, no words man....none.

Naked Hillbilly vs Aquapeople?

That makes as much sense... i don't know. Great art!

omg o.O

fucking epic dude!


That's what I imagined the guy would say as he prepares to (or continues the act of) shanking the shit out of that unfortunate fish-monster.

I always loved your character designs especially when they're in motion because of the amount of energy and action is with each of your characters' movements. They're always big and exaggerated in an awesome sort of way. (Though the red-neck guy isn't technically in motion but I think you'll understand what I said about the matter.)

It's astounding that you were able to create something this vibrant, action packed, and exhilarating in three hours. Brilliant work as always. :)


DIE frog creature from the black lagoon thingy!!!!!