Reviews for "Violent Encounter"

At first look, i thought it was mario and a turtle

nice job man, really nicely drawn.

MindChamber responds:

ahha that would be hardcore


i like how you have that southern flag there to make the people from the south look like hilbilles :P


i don't like the subject, you have made a lot of better things :|

MindChamber responds:

lol whatever, drawing the same thing over and over is boring, even robots.


i really dig your style this is rad as fuck!

Good news

I really like this. You've always done well w/ colors and lighting. The shiny scales and highlighting on the hillbilly's muscles and on the purple eye socket are a lot of fun to look at. Great action pose and perspective and very nice use of blue. I especially like the thin drip lines of orange blood on the swamp creature's (or damn two legged two armed fish / man type entity being) forehead and the blue on hill William's fingers. I probably know someone related to this guy...