Reviews for "Violent Encounter"

love it

i love the portrayal of the southern american. but ya love it. i feel that this accurately shows how some people in this country are close minded and afraid of whats different and strange.......maybe im reading a little to far into it XD but w/e its great


lol, It looks like hes going to probe that poor alien! xD

yeh know what...?

he looks like corey shmorey from corey stuck in purgatory!
remember that series?
good art thought MindChamber!



The everyday situation :D I like that slight grunge-like style , intensifies the violence ! :]


Alright im sorta mixed about this one.
did the creature just come in on the hillbilly at a bad time (shower, etc)
Is he about to ass rape him lol
Because honestly the look on the creatures face could be from from the stabbing, or the second option.

I gues this really leaves alot up to the viewer heh.
A final note: Where'd his right eye go off to.

MindChamber responds:

its based on a true story, go to that link to read all about it lol.