Reviews for "Violent Encounter"


I bet he thinks its a Korean spy who tries to invade his country! Damn those Koreans with their tank parades and their funny faces!
Anyway nice picture of a naked patriot saving the world in his holy mission.


The scene is so dynamic, really a great pic !


That's what I imagined the guy would say as he prepares to (or continues the act of) shanking the shit out of that unfortunate fish-monster.

I always loved your character designs especially when they're in motion because of the amount of energy and action is with each of your characters' movements. They're always big and exaggerated in an awesome sort of way. (Though the red-neck guy isn't technically in motion but I think you'll understand what I said about the matter.)

It's astounding that you were able to create something this vibrant, action packed, and exhilarating in three hours. Brilliant work as always. :)

Only 3 hours???

At first i thought this was mario killing a turtle lol.

Anyway, this is awesome, your animations are awesome, and youre awesome. Especially becuase in a short amount of time, youve created such an immensely action packed piece of art. Keep it up man, id love to see more stuff like this from you :D


and i love it