Reviews for "Violent Encounter"

nice pic

wow, like the most nastiest yet funniest redneck pic i ever saw. All i can say: lol and NICE. btw nice detail.

I can see the scales - a real fish scan?

So - this real life encounter for this person. A confederate man meets a swamp monster alien? And then Ass-Rapes him with knife? Must taste like chicken.

It's a new twist to the slasher/monster genre - where the real victim is the monster and the antagonist is the drunken hill-billy.

It's horrifying but funny - cause the roles of calamity seem to switch.

But I can see his penis - should it really have an "E" rating? I'm sure that was just an oversight when submitting. :D

MindChamber responds:

HAhaha whatever.... fixed :3


all I can think of is what on earth the "real life encounter" was