Reviews for "Violent Encounter"

that is crazy

Ah ha, sweet!

Here's another great art piece from you. It really makes me glad to be someone who looks at all of your stuff. I think the strongest part about this is probably how pathetic the creature looks like while it's being destroyed. It is hard to feel something for something that is so ugly. It has a really nice cartoonish feel to it while still seeming hardcore. It looks like a Creature From The Black Lagoon-esque character.

I also like how you are showing motion through the throwing of the sword. There's a great amount of detail put into everything. Rednecks would probably know more about killing wild things than anyone else in the country. It looks like the monster is trying to summon some magic or something with his hand. It's also missing an eye.


wow thats how monster movie shod go kill the monster not run awey.
cool art

Halloween entry for 09 makes sense....

Wow, Im not startled by the monster, but the naked red neck really blinded me....

kool lol

lots of violence lol n y is the red neck naked O.O is the alien getting raped :O btw i saw the confederate flag p.s im black :'(