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Reviews for "Plazma Burst: FTP"


i'll be honest. this is a really fun game. but after awhile even on easy mode it gets too hard to beat. it would be cool if you could shoot the rockets in the air to protect yourself though. the jumping is lacking. the taser seems kinda useless because you can't really sneak up on people and it's kinda useless if you have infinite ammo. more upgrades would be nice and more guns. also a few traps would be neat. But other then that its really fun.

Fun Game. Smart AI's!

Good job with the Physics! And the AI are so funny if one start mistakenly shoot the other AI. Because the other AI will get mad and start shooting the other AI instead of you. How can anyone hate this game? But the only bad part is that it slows down with lots of body parts flying everywhere. Oh well. And I can't seem get past the boss at the end. You can't shoot him. And if you get near him, he cuts you in half. The Vehicle lv was kind of boring though. Not enough action. But every single other lv is pretty cool!

Not too shabby

the controls were a bit sticky but i like the whole idea behind it. i find the top HUD takes up too much screen but other wise pretty solid. Good Challenge, Well done!


i give it a 9. Dont get me wrong it's a nice game.Just a few minor bugs.

Good game i like pb 2 also it has a site to play multiplayer