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Reviews for "Plazma Burst: FTP"

could've been good

I thought it was pretty good, but I couldn't enjoy it because the controls kept sticking. I could barely go 10 steps without starting to jump up and down or run off in the opposite direction. I'm guessing it's a problem on my end. But it is a good game.

pretty good...

Really good game,,, I liked the gameplay and also the concept,,,

It has alot more potential though,,, More upgrades and fixing up a few of the glitches... Things like the jump is patethic for one and the crouch is utterly pointless,,, you could make these features alot more useful...

Nice game

I like your game but more upgrades would have been cool...
The physics where good ^^
But only at the last level your ally just runs at the boss and then dies ^^ but it's a cool game really, good job!

not horrible

But it's not amazing either. The first few levels were fun and that's about it.

I don't like how you run out of things to buy. Most of the weapons were useless. I found myself using the shotgun for the whole game after I unlocked it. The last two just can't shoot fast enough.

Physics were annoying. Some of the jumping sequences were really difficult because your character is so difficult to control. And when you're getting shot it's near-impossible to aim so you have to run away and shoot blindly until the enemies are dead.

And the last level. It's horrible. Those yellow guys also have fully-loaded plasma cannons and they can kill you with one shot. Your hint doesn't help since the plasma cannon is like a shotgun. you can kill them with one shot but you have to be right beside them and if you get that close you're dead. I did get past them eventually though to get to the last boss. For some reason my buddy runs forward, killing himself. I don't know how to beat it if he keeps killing himself

Just an alright game.

not impressed

nice idea, physics were way off.