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Reviews for "Plazma Burst: FTP"

complete garbage

not even worth playing!!!!
You have no save points during the levels so if you die you have to redue the entire level over again, in gaming that is not cool!
the rag doll physics you chose was also a very bad desison since you have no control over your character once you jump. This cause bouncing of of walls were as some jumps to ledges in the second level require you to hug the wall but thats not possible.

Overall your ability to make games is in major need of a work over.


thats how good it was, the 1% was the gay car level mainly because i dont like rail shooters but other than that it was great, cant wait for the sequal with new guns possibly grenade types maybe even a create your own level thing but other than that good job!!

Not a very good game at all.

Glitchy as hell, physics suck, weapons are inappropriatly named (Rifle? Give me a fucking break), the height you die from falling is about 15 feet, and grenades don't appear to be matter, judging from them flying trough walls of all kinds.
There's this little thing people do before releasing a game: They TEST it. Next time, actually make sure things work! I can't get past level two because I keep bouncing (literally) off of walls, and dieing from the fall.

I liked it!

Not to be offensive to the genre but I usually hate space shooters, but this was quite nice actually. Well done :D


This is a great game, but why is it much easier on hard than it is on easy?

EGurt responds: