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Reviews for "Plazma Burst: FTP"


not bad but the guy is really really weak against a fall that annoys me

Fun Game. Smart AI's!

Good job with the Physics! And the AI are so funny if one start mistakenly shoot the other AI. Because the other AI will get mad and start shooting the other AI instead of you. How can anyone hate this game? But the only bad part is that it slows down with lots of body parts flying everywhere. Oh well. And I can't seem get past the boss at the end. You can't shoot him. And if you get near him, he cuts you in half. The Vehicle lv was kind of boring though. Not enough action. But every single other lv is pretty cool!


good job it is very funny and helpful when there is friendly fire XD the 2 mid bosses actually killed each other well one kill the other then owned me but thats not the point lol u should work on rag doll physics like they said, make the duck much more helpful cuz it aint the best ducks out there. u should make a sequel but also make ya save points o_O sorta annoyin workin ur way back to the almost end. still pretty good 4/5

Wonderful Game

I loved playing this game, no doubt. It was really fun and had some humor (example being friendly fire between enemies). The weapons were fun to (ab)use as well. I also liked the whole ragdoll physic thing, very interesting.

However, the one thing that bothers me is how sensitive the physics were. For example, in Level 2 where you would have to go down that tunnel-thing, I would jump to one ledge and to my discontent, find myself falling which pretty much killed me. If you would get the physic factor slightly toned down, that'd make the game a 10/10.

All in all, awesome game you've made, you should make a part 2 :D

Very Awesome game

I really like this game, everything works perfect, so perfect gameplay. The gameplay thingy I really liked was the fact that enemies shoot at each other when somebody had made a mistake by making a friendly fire.

The only thing you can improve at this platformer game are some background and generally graphics. It is looking as an decent game but nothing very awesome. But it has to look awesome since the game itself is. Becasue of this you didn't get actually 10 stars from me.

I found no bugs nor gameplay mistakes. I am really waiting for a sequel of this game, keep it up!

The Rankings:

Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 8/10
Music and Sounds: 9/10
Replay: 9/10