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Reviews for "Plazma Burst: FTP"

Fairly good.

Great sound effects and decent gameplay. The graphics could use a little work, and the physics seem to lag the game more than it served to enhance gameplay, though.

Biggest issue I found was play balancing. On the level after you play as the Master Chief clone I found it extremely hard to beat. The yellow enemies take too many shots to kill, and their weapons deal a lot of damage, or actually throw you into a wall with enough force to kill you outright. Being that they almost always one hit kill you, the limitations on movement in the side-scroller becomes more the challenge then the actual enemy does. Nowhere to dodge!

Entertaining, I guess

Nothing super thrilling about this game. Ragdoll and Headshots, pretty fun stuff though.

overall a good game

it was a good game over all, the only thing i really didnt like about it was that i got stuck in random jumping cucles, or when my guy would walk forward or backward when i wasnt telling him to, and the controls could be unresponsive. fix those(and add more weapons plz), and it would be a perfectly fun game.

Freegin Obsessed

Ok Im honestly crazy about this game its great wish it had more weapons I love how you can cut the enemy in half and blood and guts go every where and there heads dissapear when you shoot it love the physics cant wait for no 2

Fun Game

This is one of the rare flash games that kept my interest long enough for me to actually finish it. The controls are simple and the game is easy to pick up. The upgrade system is cool, I just wish that it had a little more depth. I finished upgrading everything pretty fast, and it felt really linear. I never really felt like I was making a game changing decision when I upgraded my character/weapons.The level designs are nice but I wish there was a little more variety texture-wise. Good selection of weapons, and the way the levels where designed it had me using 3 out of the 5 available weapons. The rag-doll physics are pretty sweet, and set up a few comical situations. Also the splattering head shots and enemies splitting in half added a nice touch. The difficulty pacing for the game seems just right except I thought the difficulty of the last level was a little excessive. One thing really bother me about this game: LAG! Another is that the physics for jumping needs to be tightened up, it feels too floaty. It is hard to control and that is what got me killed more than anything else. One more thing I didn't like about the game was some of the levels were really short and felt a little tacked on. Overall a sweet game though, hope you make another one.

+ Simple controls
+ Interesting level designs
+ Good selection of weapons
+ Rag doll physics, splattering head shots, and enemies that split in half
* Good difficulty pacing

- Laggy
- Jumping physics are frustrating at times
- Needs more texture variety
- Last level is overly difficult