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Reviews for "Plazma Burst: FTP"

i remember when i played this on my childhood i else played plazma burst 2 its was so cool but i was have a one problem level 3, and walljump

i remember this game, is nostalgic

why arent the other plasma bursts on here???

This game is one of my top 5 flash games of all time. The controls are great, graphics are brilliant and levels are short and sweet. The story is also a nice touch. The only downside to this whole game would be the ai friend. I had to restart the later levels (especially the last) so many times due to the ai friend getting killed. It also doesn't help that sometimes the AI friend just charges into a room full of enemies. That really is my only problem with this game. If you ever see this game please do give is a playthrough. It has a sequel not on newgrounds. A quick google search will show you where to go! :). Brilliant game. Highly recommend it!

classic, I wished PB2 was here, or better yet, if Gurt made a PB3