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Reviews for "Clock Crew Rap 2"

No, sorry.

Maybe if you tried a non generated voice, you know, a real person to do a rap, that would go over better to start with. And, there's just something ghey about fruit/veggies with clocks on them. It was cute with the little strawberry... but... eh, you guys sorta killed it.

Suckage on a whole new level

Wow, that sure did suck. You say it took you a long time to make this? I'm sorry.


You should make it funnier though!

I CAN say that was a piece of crap...

That sucked, and while I'm not sure this is physically possible it both sucks and blows at the same time.

i wish i could say that wasn't crap

but i am feeling good and i gave u a 5 keep it up