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Reviews for "DarkBase 2 - the Hive"


It's a very interesting game^^

Ok game.

how the hell do u move around?

ok i like it

nice the map is a little difficult though

Quality Obscured by Execution

I liked the game enough to register so i could contribute some comments:

Pros: sound was nice, graphics sweet
There is a bug at the start of some levels: the chatbox doesnt come up and the game gets stuck (no move/fire/spacebar etc) I got around this by "hiding" the game and "play"ing it again, it kept my position saved.
For no good reason the game was incredibly slow to run for me.... exactly how much resources should a 2D shooter really need? It also crashed Firefox for me, which is somewhat rare for games here.
One of the main reasons i play here at newgrounds is because once teh.SWF is downloaded i can still have plenty of other downloads in the background, unlike MMOGs or online FPSs.

While its a pretty polished product (u guys make a living off this? KOOL) its also nothing new - I have played many many games that are just too much like this. The genre doesnt have to be static.

The low score is for the crashing/chunking/bugs , not the unoriginality.

Im sure some of these will be fixed in future - i love developers who listen to their gamers!!


it could be much longer/ but great overall.