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Reviews for "DarkBase 2 - the Hive"

nice, but too much

look i can see it would be a great game however my connection is well pretty fast and it got way too laggy sorry dude

great job!

great game twenty times better than the first

Horrible title and credits music

but other then that, great game


i never played the original but this game is so awesome i might play it later. best game ive played today. generally the only problem i found was that the game froze up quite a bit and i have a fast connection. love the game make a sequel

Lots of fun for an avg. Gamer like me.

I'm no expert but I think this is a great game. I'm certainly not as good as those reviewers who seem to be the shit, or at least want us to think they are, so I don't think its too easy & I haven't played every shooter game on the site so I don't really know if it's derivative like some claim, but even if it is, it's a well crafted and enjoyable game so I don't see any fault in that area--I think Newgrounds has games for the avg. Joe, not the Super Gamers who , if they're that good, should be at the hardcore online sites, not here. Also, a lot of glitches mentioned seem to be the fault of the gamer's PC not the game itself so that shouldnt factor into their review.

POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENTS for hoped for sequel:
1. Make her stronger--she dies after too few hits.
2. Make her armor stronger--3 acid splats & its done.
3. Make the gamesave at each medical port. It's frustrating & boring to reach nearly the end of each level only to die & have to play the whole level all over again.
4. To silence the super-gamers, maybe you could have a normal, hard, & Holy Shit! mode.

1. Stand against the medic console & constantly hit the spacebar while shooting the aliens. Use your pistol on the non-humanoids to save valuable mg/sg ammo--2 shots kill bugs,,4 kills reds, 6 kills blues; the green men die in 4 shots but they spit acid so its better to use the mg/sg to kill em qwik if youre not at the medic port.
a.) If the aliens are in line or cluster, the sg can kill em all w/1 or 2 shots when they get near.
b.) The blue men often shoot from out of sg range so use the mg, especially if you're not near a medic port.
c.) If you're getting overwhelmed at the medic port drop a mine but make sure your lifebar is at least half full or you'll die.
2. Kill the Spawners w/grenade launcher or run & lay 2 mines on them & run away. The quicker you do this the fewer the aliens you have to fight & the more ammo you'll save because you can then just run around using your pistol to pick off the already spawned aliens (but use your mg for the acid throwing green men or the blue gunmen).
a.) Your # of grenades builds up quicker than your mine arsenal so use them for weak or isolated Spawners if you're low on mines; use a combo of mines & grenades when theyre in clusters or there's too many aliens swarming you.
b.) Mines r good when hordes are overwhelming you--drop them on the run or pre-lay them as booby-traps & lead the hordes to them.
c.) Kill the Spawner then run back to the medic port & refresh while shooting her brood w/the pistol when they follow you back to the port, then run around back & forth & pick off the straglers. Try to blow up ALL of the Spawners in the room before doing this or else New aliens will just keep coming endlessly & you'll have to run back & finish off the remaining Spawners.
3. The exploding cans usually take 4 shots to explode so prime them by pistol shooting them 3 times then run around so the aliens line up to follow you & lead a group of them near the can before shooting it (be far away so you dont lose energy).
4. Use the maps so you know the general layout of the level & where the medical ports are. They dont give away anything except the shapes of the rooms & corridors & where the medic/lite charging ports are so you know where to make a mad dash for to recharge.
5. Use your lite only when necessary (pitch black corridors) cause it drains way too fast.
6.) Unlimited pisto ammo is a life saver; use it whenever you can cause you'll need your valuable ammo in the frenzy zones.
7.) By the time you reach the next to last room at level #3 (where the D-orgone cannon is), you'll probably have hundreds of grenades so use them a lot.

For the guys who think they're way too good for this game--try beating it with a handicap like using only your pistol or one gun only or not using any explosives or never refreshing your blue energy bar--if you can beat the game doing that then you really are the hotshot you want us all to think you are.

Anxiously awaiting your sequels to this game!