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Reviews for "DarkBase 2 - the Hive"

Better then the


Xplored responds:

Thanks. Have you tried the 3rd? Different approach, but a sequel of Lt.Alice Foster story. ...and just wait for the 4th!

good except for...

wtf is up with flashlight? makes it pretty hard when it only lasts for a few minutes. lol space age technology should allow for better batteries, i would think. Otherwise very fun!

Xplored responds:

YOu're right. In our sequel games (DarkBase 3 and a newcoming zombie game) the flashlight will have no battery consumption.

Hehe, I'm the master of fuck games...

10/10 5/5.
When I was on level 3 I destroyed a doghouse and a door open. I get in and I look the map... I was outside!!
Everything was dark, and I wanna continue the game so I turned back and continue... COOL!!!

Great game!

Xplored responds:

Many many many thanks!


This game had so much thrill even if nothing happened . I liked the weapons and so on. BUt i really dont know what all the persons are complaining about, i found no glitches the game ran smooth, and my computer sux and the modem really sucks!

Xplored responds:

There are always compllaining people... Most often they have something interesting to say..but not always :-D

pretty good

i found a glich where you can shoot when a box comes up and nothing moves