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Reviews for "DarkBase 2 - the Hive"

Great game!!!!

I liked that it was shorter and easier than the first one.
And I loved the ending! What I love about this game is that there are so many enemies attack me at the same time!! That fuels my rush!!
For those of you who are having problems with controls getting stuck.
Update your flash pluggin!
Try different Web browser
Close game and load it on new window not tab.
Click on game window then Shoot that fix it for me everytime!

Not responding to my commands

Everytime I press space to skip on the first part, nothing happens. The only things that work are the flashlight and the mouse.

Very nice work

The only problem I found was the lagging. Though that gave you time to give the monsters the run around, so.. ;) Anyway. Highlight for me was definitely the storyline - it wasn't especially indepth, but more than you usually get from games like this. Good job.

not bad

but, i had one HUGE problem with this, the control. im not talking about your key bindings, that was fine...but often times my mouse would get stuck and not move, or my controls wouldnt respond.

now, i THINK that may just have been because its laggy, but then the lag would be another problem. im not sure if my pc is bad, or the game could have been done in a different way, so i wont go into that

other than that, the game was pretty damn fun. it wasnt complicated to get used to it and blasting aliens was fun, especially when hordes of them just piled thru.

speaking of the hordes, the music would have been better, if the battles were longer, so you should have gotten other music, and had that music play in tougher battles, or one specific battle. ther music that played when u walked around was cool tho, set a good space mood.

over all, not bad, i can tell you put effort, LOTS of it, and the game was real fun until it started lagging, so i'd say its not a BAD game, but its not great either...its so-so.

its a good game

ya could have ben beter but to mazey cant find the ways to go..... alittle scary at ferst but than a little addicting not in my top 10