Reviews for "Gravity's Just A Theory 2"


retarded? maybe
waste of time? maybe
but i liked it! two thumbs up xD


well... I LOVE IT.
i liked the music, the animation and it made me ask myself...were do i come from?
It pretty good, looks like u put a lot of efort on this

Don't know where to begin

Really I thought your work was great in this vid I love watching animations like this. If you can't tell I'm new here but from all the vids I've seen so far I really enjoy this one. (Y) How does everyone thinks that's a thumbs up it's clearly bunny ears. Awell great vid man one of my favs so far.


wo that was confusing & what do you do to make a flash animation iv bin trying to find out for like a year now.

A cheery piece.

This cartoon is absolutely marvelous. The music is impeccable, though a bit repetitive. However, the animation and theme makes up for it. 10/10.