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Reviews for "Gravity's Just A Theory 2"

Frontpage, perhaps?

The content of the flash itself doesn't make too much sense, but man, that was some good animation! Everything occurred in a very fluid way. 10 stars! :O

Not that I don't love the video but....

It seems to me that you're being egocentric. You haven't created a world, just a cool little flash thingy. Its not that unplausible or even completely different. All the arbitrary objects also exist in our world, and we also have night and day. Snow does come from clouds after all. Maybe I'm just spouting, just don't take it the wrong way. The video is great, not to mention the music.

To be honest, it's just not that weird. (It's not a new concept, have you played the "Grow" games?)

Maybe im being unfair or a jackass, but I don't really care.


mind boggililingly good, how the, what the.....*head explodes*


wtf it was cool an confuseing and made me puke im going to watch this agean and agean


I love that sun X)