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Reviews for "Gravity's Just A Theory 2"

just waisted 2 minutes of my life

Does it even have a purpose? it's randomness and all the stupid effects did a good job at annoying me i can tell ya that much. i can understand opening your mind, but that was useless.


I watched the first one too, it isn't anything, it's just organized nothingness linked together by floating lines and "random" appearing objects...

The cartoons aren't anything, they're just filled with objects and then linked by a line or a ball or something. It's stupid, and quite frankly I don't see any creativity at all, I can't even explain how you pulled this out of your ass, or how much I hate it. You're crediting your own animation to be something it's not and I think you know that this isn't anything. It's nonsense.

Oh and by the way, gravity IS just a theory.


It angered me. The fact that you, as the author, thought you were making a big artistic crazy world, which was full of things that are only "random" because they were titled that way by a bunch of cutsie teenagers who are like clones of each other, no difference at all. This animation is just another crappily animated mindless drawing which simply amuses a bunch of retards who are exactly the same as the other...clones.

Oggy-cheese responds:

wow, you really need to lighten up...