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Reviews for "Gravity's Just A Theory 2"

Holy shit.

What the fuck was that? I mean I loved it but... Your creativity level is amazing.



GREAT movie...

YEAH TOAST! great movie, but i have one thing to say... Gravity IS just a theory. Einstien said that space-time was curved, which means that objects in it, curve it. think of a blanket... you put a large marble in the middle... you put a smaller marble on it, the small one rolls towards the large one. same concept with space-time. We can't detect that, so we made up a force to explain it, thus gravity was "discovered." It might or might not be real.

this is great

I watched this several times through. The music is relaxing and the animation is smooth and cute. Great job. Will there be a third one? lol "Yeah Toast!" :]