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Reviews for "Gravity's Just A Theory 2"


A peace of digital art!!! keep up the style.

oh, and how the hell you do the camera mov.?

Simply put..

..this is the best flash I've watched here this month. Deserves its 10'n'5 . Great work, mate. Made me feel good inside ;)

Full marks!

I have only ever given a few 10/10 in my years of being on NG as I don't think very many deserve it.. I only wish I could give this 11/10 !!

It's perfect.

I love Andy McKee anyway, but to see such a fantastic animation to go to it was just amazing. Artwork and movements were clear and clean, ideas were funny and imagenitive.

Great work!!

+Fav :D

Happy coloursxD

Amazing, it is really cute, even though it made me dizzy, when everything was flipped over...sort ofxD
I really like the idea, and the music and the colours made it more peaceful.
Very creative^^

Very Nice.

Love the Random Simplicity.