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Reviews for "Gravity's Just A Theory 2"


Truly amazing :).
I love the art style. fits in perfectly well with the animation. Which itself is flawless, smooth slick no jerkiness.
Plus the whole thing is perfectly synced with the music and makes it all the more enjoyable.
You have awesome imagination and know how to use it ;).
Certainly brought a smile to my face :D.
5/5 10/10 from this critic :)

Cheers ^^

Wow, wut?

I loved it, with its odd graphics and senseless randomness ITS AWESOME!!!


I liked it very creative and entertaining.


When you do something like this it's brilliant. When I come up with such stuff, people in white coats demand that I pee in a glass jar. Haha, still, really good job, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Oh, I looked forever, but found no easter egg...

Oggy-cheese responds:

Click the words 'easter egg' in the end credits.


Your work is brilliant and I think that so far this sums it up nicely. I love the easter egg almost as much as the main feature. ^_^