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Reviews for "Gravity's Just A Theory 2"

you kid...

you deserve all the good critics from this video, you're going to go far and thi smooth and dynamic animation is prove.


you can find the easter egg in the credits clicking the "easter egg" that gonna show there


yeeeeeeah toast!

I found the easter egg

if it is the easter egg i think it is. the easter egg is literally the words (easter egg) in "did you find the (Easter Egg)". nice job

Good Job

I very much so enjoyed this flash. It actually reminds me of the "GROW" series of games, except now one gets to see a full end-result without having to find a correct order first (plus your animation is much longer!). I also love the color and how the animation flows. It's clear that a lot of creativity went into this. The sequence of events is enjoyable to watch unfold. I especially liked the scene where steps were created and the world flipped. I look forward to your future creations.