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Reviews for "Gravity's Just A Theory 2"


A perfect animation. I hope to see more.


I'm kind of disappointed in myself for not finding this earlier. This is just too amazing! Very cute and playful.


i retain my insanity und the intarnet that fuels it! i also retain this! which haz much in commun wit da prieviously stated! i also retain my takoz, and meh speling erors

pretty cool

closed,open,toaster XD halarious and cool at the same time

Yeah (niiiice) Toast

I gotta tell you: the song's choice is brilliant, I really like to listen to Andy Mckee (that guy's a genius).
About the flash, I really liked it. Simple, is the main word, but you can see the hard working through the coordination, for example. I like the fact that the video never stops, glad you could make it. The way the "story" goes makes me feel like it's established to let some connection be born.
Thanks for the video anyway, it's a real gift.