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Reviews for "How to be NG Animator God"

5/5 10/10

lol deaf retard xD, that was a little bit harsh! Yea very nice job really funny and a lot of very good tips (lol) Kinda reminds me of how to succeed on newgrounds (without any of the quality)

The thing which saves the flash for me is the dialogue, very well thought out and very funny. Also i liked the fact that some flash was used as most movies which solely use google images dont tend to do so well. And you know what, despite whatever score this gets i truely believe its got a chance at the front page as one of the MODS of the front page seems to like random funny stuff like this.

Thedirtyrobocop911 responds:

thank you sir

Man, that was great

You try to tell us what NOT to do, then you go and do it yourself. Ya damn hypocrite. lmao. If all else fails, just go with hentai or random flopping penises. roflmao

Intentionally bad = hilarous win if you ask me. Good job.


you said dicks

this was funny

this was funnier than i thought it would be...and people dont get offended by this its all a joke and even if it isnt a joke its only a problem if you make it a problem. 10 for you and a 5 as well


Radial is made of 2 words.
Rad........and Eel. The most badass animal of the sea.