Reviews for "Stop asking me that!!!"

lol all my 5 belong to this

lol as others said it's a big diffrent lol i thought it was going to be same thing lol
but it was funny when he said

"what the meter shows"
"it's over rated"
"is that a numper"
"Goodbye XXXXX"

lol just funny after 12 time oplaying it

Is it over 9000?

No, its overrated. <---- Great Line!


You get a 5 jsut becuase that was the funniest dbz parody i've seen since the over 9000 videos came out

Finally something else! =)

I was really sick of that line. thanks for finally releasing me from that mental pain. =)

Camron23 responds:

Glad to have been of service.

omg wow

wow that was funny and amazing, you have the exact same voice as ocean dubbed vegeta