Reviews for "Megaman X RPG: Chapter 1"


Dude! That game was PERFECT!
I'm not even kidding, I loved every bit!


GOD that hidden boss was a pain xD
It took me a really long time to be able to find the right chip in order to reduce the damage he inflicted.
All that training made me go up to lvl 22-ish
And I did NOT expect that character to flash once we defeated it. Great job.

Also, I would of found it funny to leave the secret item in one of the character's room xD (the ragged one, not the 1001 one =P )

Finally, the cliffhanger with the choices is quite mean XD
I saved both options in two different save slots, but its still quite mean xD

Overall, this is amazing work you have done. Good job.

A not perfect game that gets a perfect score.

I really don't like Megaman fangames. Especially those that
a) have stories
b) include Axl.

That said, you did a pretty good job with this one. The music is appropriate and interesting, the sprites are as clean as you can get in flash. Even the 'cel-shading' is a nice touch without being excessive.

You've done a VERY good job with the interface. Have you ever played the first Command and Conquer? It's a little remeniscent of that in how well it's executed.

Let me give you some suggestions for future projects:

+Keep in mind that the characters are robots. Although they're programmed to have human-like emotions, they don't have any organic components and so they can't really be "poisoned" and such in the classical RPG sense. Just calling it something different would fix that, like having a virus or being corroded by acid and such.
The Scanning takes some getting used to. Perhaps have the scan-stats show up near the enemies they're relevant to

+A transition screen into battle would smooth out the gameplay, even if it's a quick one.

+Implement a customizable control scheme. This seems like it'd be great to play with a 4-button controller mapped to the keyboard keys.

+Have some out-of-battle use of the Busters/Melee weapons, even if it's just to break background objects like obstacles or treasure containers.

+Have more than 1 line in the "notes" section of the battle victory interface, and display all the notes at once. This will allow people of all reading speeds to go through the notes at the level they're comfortable with.

+Consider designing or finding a computery font or two to make the interface even more immersive!

+While playing, it did freeze for me, right before the first save point. For a big project like this, you'll probably want another tester or two on your team.


Other than that, perhaps try applying for WiiWare development. It's cheap to do, and with this kind of dedication, you can support yourself by making games, and I'm sure you can build a unique and enthralling RPG series. Not to mention you can beat the pants off of most of the other games available there, guaranteeing you sales.

This is awesome luv it 5/5

I just don't like the pixel art was done, but i definitely like this work, it's brillant!