Reviews for "Megaman X RPG: Chapter 1"

Eternal X, eternal fun.

One of the highest forms of tribute to the X Series, as well as being modernized for a RPG. There are enough extra features in this chapter to satisfy both a casual gamer, and a hardcore nut freak.

The music choices and dialogue is very reminiscent of the X Series, well done.

And a fun teaser, in both the optional boss, and chapter choices too.

Cheers, we're supporting you in the service and hope you find a job, safety and a happy girlfriend in waiting for ya ;)

ChamberACR responds:

Thanks =D Again, glad you enjoyed the game.

it took me forever...

but i finally killed that closet boss. i dont know if you want us to sell the 2 times or not. This has to be the best RPG on newgrounds that i've played. Thanks for the great game and make another soon!

great game

great game. after i figured everything out i got really sucked in. this game has great potential and i like the branching storyline. unfortunatley i will probably delete my cookies and lose my save file before the next installment :(.

Wow just wow

This is a big improvment over Chapter 0. Its faster and has better graphics. The storyline in pretty interesting. Oh yea, you get bonus points for the receptionist named Gregory House lol. Well good job and I wish you luck in the military.

Freaking awesome!!!

I have a slow computer here at work so it's choppy, so saying that, I still had an awesome time playing this game. There is enough to do that it'll keep me interested, plus the nostalgia of playing mega man was a great bonus. Wish they made a game like this for a console or something.