Reviews for "Megaman X RPG: Chapter 1"

Please assist

You really need to fix the glitch that makes your character slide to one side of the screen that happens after the opening conversation with rush. the game looks very good and i would really like to play it. I look forward to you fixing this problem. Thank you

love it

i wish they came up with something like this for snes

God damn you...

Alright, the game is simply beautiful and awesome. Very good graphically, plays better than some games that are out on a real console, and is a game that I actually come back and play from time to time.

Now, the part that REALLY REALLY REALY makes me want to kill you.

That extra boss of yours? FUCK IT. Seriously, that's the last thing I need to see after getting suckered into watching a video of Giygas. I've had a hard time sleeping for the past few days simply because of that, and after I saw it, I've been hearing references to it ALL OVER THE PLACE. BUT THIS, OH THIS, IS THE BIGGEST FUCK YOU TO THE FACE EVER. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be Giygas or not, but it sure as hell looks like him, and when I saw it, I felt like my heart literally jumped out of my chest. I'm not sleeping tonight dude.

Other than that, this is REALLY fun. I'm gonna go powerlevel and cap that mother fucker now. .____.

um, yea somethings wrong here...

i'm haveing the same problem sw33tb0y77 had, seconds after i get started, just after the first conversation, i just start slideing to the left, and it's not just that, when i press the left arrow key i start slideing right, and when i press the right i start slideing left, and i can't get it to stop. And the background locks up when this happens, so the screen doesn't scroll like i assume it's supposed to, that and i can go through the wall to your left at the start once it starts acting up.

Still, i gave it a 9/10 for 2 reason, i didn't think it'd be fair to give it a horrlbe rateing just beacuse it won't work for me for some reason, and the gameplay really looks like it'd be something i'd like, almost like the early FF games.

Beta-Tester Issues

Your game is extremely well developed, especially for a Fan-based RPG (non-corporate)

However, I have some issues with the gameplay itself.

First, some general tips for your controls, based on previous experience of your players.
1) The backspace key as both the [menu] key and the [cancel] key makes it feel clunky. I [capital i] would be a good choice, especially from a hard-core gamer perspective.
2) In combat, if there is an ability/technique which targets all opponents, you can only see the [enemy a]'s hp-bar, even after scanning.
3) After selecting the option in battle, and the target of that option, there is a third, (and I'm assuming intended) 'confirmation' selection which takes place, but there is no indication as to its purpose. I suggest either removal or the word "Confirm" being displayed in the next installment.
4) The limit gauge is hard to read. The time gauge covers it when you're using the that character, and unexpected limits can be irritating at times.
5) The ability to switch between characters is now limited to 'decreasing the current character's time gauge', thus making one pay a serious penalty every time they wish to change to another character. This is an 'on the fence' issue; both good and bad.

Don't get me wrong; your game is awesome. I've been playing it for days. But its just an inch short of polished and professional. So, I thought I'd share my experience, and try to help out.