Reviews for "Megaman X RPG: Chapter 1"

This game was perfect...

It has been a long time now… years... years without activity on Megaman X RPG and years without a single word, the last thing we were left with was a message from the creator on July 16th 2011 “A Farewell to Thee”… and that was almost 5 years ago. This game has died and the creator has left, but it had so much going for it, the combat system, the storyline, the equip-ables and almost everything else, the only thing that this game was missing was an ending. It had so much potential, it could have been bigger than it was and it should have been bigger than it was.

I don’t remember if I was there when the game came out, maybe I was, but I know it has been with me for a very long time, I’ve been a huge fan and awaited its sequel ever since I found it. I love Megaman X RPG and I play it even now, enjoying every second, but it fills me with sadness to know that there is no more to it, but there should be and there could be. Though it should be time to give up hope and many of us have, I will not and I urge you to do the same. Please don’t give up hope.

I’ve read the comments, people all want the same thing (myself included), for Megaman X RPG to continue, to reach it’s potential and to finally finish.

As much as I wish a sequel would just pop out of nowhere, unfortunately that’s not going to happen, because this game has died and the creator has left. Though we can’t bring the creator back, maybe… just maybe the game can be revived.

So this is it… my question to everyone who feels this game needs to continue, why don't we do it? ... Start it where it left off, if enough of us work together, we can accomplish this task. This game not only deserves a sequel but it needs one, and if not the creator, who else has better right to do it than the players who know and love Megaman X RPG?

In the next year I’m going to devote myself to a much deserved sequel “Megaman X RPG: Chapter 2”, anyone else who wishes to help out with writing it, coding it and designing it is more than welcome, please PM me or comment, I will be checking every Friday to see if people are interested via those two means.

Thank you.

ChamberACR responds:

I am incredibly flattered by this entry, and all the positive entries below. It's been a long time since I checked on Newgrounds and I only do so sparingly, mostly because it breaks to have discontinued so abruptly. You should know that I discontinued not because i didn't lose the passion for it; even to this day I'd like to pick it up or make another game. But what it came down to, I just couldn't do it by myself anymore. Assembling all the artwork, the music, the code - it's just too much for one person. I spent like 18 hours a day for almost a year to put it together, and while certainly happy with the final result, it was very draining. And I didn't even have a programming background at the time, so the struggle was even more real.

So just quick update to maybe give some people some peace and/or hope. When I first started this project, I was 27, fresh out of college and unemployed. And it stayed like that FOR A WHILE. After years of seemingly fruitless toil and failures, I finally broke into the tech industry and have been doing it professionally for the past few years. I love it, but it took a lot of sacrifice So will I eventually finish this game or the series? Alas, it's not likely. And not because I don't love it, but if I had to do it, I'd need an actual team. Artists, animators, sound engineers, etc etc. I have a very clear vision for the games that I want to make and that often requires a team. And you know - who's to say that wouldn't happen someday. But if I did manage to get all the parts together, I'd love to give this genre another shot.

Thanks to everybody and their wonderful comments below. If anybody needs to reach me, just email me at allen.acr@gmail.com

The game is awesome! I loved the rpg and mega man (Of course)! So all that I love 1 thing that just made me go : D: NOOOO!!!! YOU USED AXEL. MEGA MAN X7 WAS BAD. Would be 5 but just the mega man x7 sprites.

Awesome! I really enjoyed what i played and i think this is a really good rpg to play in your spare time the customization is of off the charts good work man!

Its The Best Mega Man RPG Game Ever

Good game, but bots were attacking me all way to factory. And make part 2.