Reviews for "Megaman X RPG: Chapter 1"

reply to Soren145

It's a pretty good game but capcom probably wont becuase theres that effing battle network series that I somewhat like @.@

This is great!

Firstly let me say that I pray capcom see's this and you get a job with them this game could be awesome on the big consoles but the cool thing is even if that never happens this game holds its own and more. Simply said I love this game and cant wait for episode 2.
BTW I need to tell you that the picking different choices is really cool, will there be different endings depending on what you choose or just slightly different scenarios?

ChamberACR responds:

Well, assuming i finish it from start to finish, choosing different paths will ultimately lead to 1.) different endings, 2.) a different end boss and 3.) different story altogether. It's incredibly ambitious and maybe still a pipe dream at this point, but the story is penned out. Now it's just a matter of time and technicalities.


The game does not meet bad(wrong) but to the comienso the personage goes away towards a side of the screen pro the rest this(this one) well
Excuse my Englishman I speak Spanish xd

ChamberACR responds:

Yo hablo espanol, pero solementa pequno.

Awsome New Megaman X Series!

Wow! I had a ton of fun playing this unique Megaman X RPG! I can't imagine how long it took you to make this ingenious game! Flash like this is the kind of work Newgrounds loves! Keep up the Great Work!

Good job

Good animation, good gameplay and a great RPG. I didn't play all the way until the end so I don't know what else to say but I liked the parts I played.