Reviews for "Megaman X RPG: Chapter 1"

this is awsome but not the same controls as chapter 0

Holy--!! wtf!! that last figh!! ffffff....

not gonna lie....it scared the sh** out of me at first...didn't expect that at all...

however i did like the surprise, totally something Capcom development would do to add that sweet twist to the story that deepens it, and lures the player more into the depths of the game and story.

well done man

i have teh real game and cool game butt when is hcapetr 2 out 030?????

What? It's over?
I played the tutorial level and spent like half an hour
preparing for the credits? That's... Lame.

Really cool game, you've built up a sweet base, cool mechanics,
really boss all around. But you basically built me up for the end of the first chapter.
That's gay.

goood dame,no more to say