Reviews for "Megaman X RPG: Chapter 1"

I Beat the game i want to save Zero he is super cool


Wow this was a really nice game here. I have never been a mega Man fan but I found this game to be fun the interactivity was good the gameplay was fun the graphics and animation was great and of course it was a long one so very fun indeed

Some eater eggs like bonus mini games.would be cool


its 12 achievements and its game is awousome and need a chapter 2(sorry my engles is bad)

Please. Come back. I would wait a millennia for a new chapter. If you do it with a team, take your time. This was a great entry. I know you aren't that rich, but you left behind a great fanbase for us. Please know this. You are a great game maker. It had some of the best quality in a flash game. Remember this though, we are there for you.

the game is pretty good, but one thing that really got me was the size of home base and the lack of arrows and labels as to what certain areas were, being a side scroller, its hard to get used to the space, so signs pointing to the various rooms would be nice