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Reviews for "Luis C -V.S- Tom P"


this is the kind of stuff i wanna make wen i get into animation buisness



loved it

great vid but i think luis is messed up

ALMOST prefect

The concept you had was just amazing, the angles you animated at was just wicked! The animation itself is mostly just utterly awesome to behold, some of the effects was crazy, especially that last one when they both fired at each other! But other than that the effects at certain angles didn't feel powerful enough.
And there were some parts the animation could have done some work on, like at the start when Luis ran towards Tom. Minor problems, but it was all really damn good.

Hulalaoo responds:

this is really old, and i not have much time for do longs proyec, i wanna one of this day start any cool

funny penis

really good anmation and the shoryuken at the end is good but... why does it say dickfac at the end? Anyway nice hunting to piconjo too