Reviews for "BubbleFaces"


Good game. MY score was 3655 :)


I couldn't get more then 2.5k each game.

That's suckish.

Anyways. Some recomendations:
- Make different versions of the game such as:
Time trial: Have 60 seconds to get as many as you can
Clicks: 25 clicks in a game, or 50, or 100, etc.
Challenge mode: Have certain blocks, or in this case, bubbles, fall in that aren't matchable, and prohibit you from making matches through them. This way adding a whole new challenge to the game.

- Update on graphics?
The graphics were nice, but of course, they could be better.
I would of liked to have seen a transition for the bubbles. They seemed to just warp into place. Instead of fall. Maybe make that a feature?
Possibly add some shininess to them? If you've played hexic HD (Look up on youtube if you haven't) then you'll know what I'm talking about. The octagons in the game shine every so often, just to make the game feel more appealing.

- Score posting abilities:
I understand you may not be extremely familiar with actionscript. As I am not either, but the ability to submit your scores to a website would dramatically increase the value of the scoring system. Atleast in my book it would. That would not only allow you to compare points with one another, but it would also give a honest statement on how well the person did. Ex: Player a: I got 3441 on it! Player b: I got 3442 on it!... We would never really know if player b truly got that, and if he did, nobody would ever believe him.

The game had a lot of potential and was really addicting. I'll come back soon and play it.
Anyways, I think I've written a long enough review. Hope this helps!


SatansDeer responds:

Thanks for a review. Good advices. When i will be a bit more familiar with actionscript ill try to add it all to my game


It's good for a first try, but you could've add some more content, like extra clicks for big combos, etc... Also this could use some animation. Oh and don't "draw-writte" the menu, it looks messy.

Great game

I don't like puzzle type games, but this was enjoyable :)
I like the use of smileys, you could have tried the MSN smileys for
a more comedic punch.
Oh and I also got a score of 3118, can anyone beat this?

[I voted 4]

SatansDeer responds:

My score is 4446. thanks for a comment


there is not much more than clicking

SatansDeer responds:

yes, just clicking, and only clicking is objective of this game