Reviews for "Megaman X, Central Highway"


You my friend have the power of uber piano playing, and instead of using it for evil (Mozart,etc...) you use your powers for good (Video game tunes)

ANyway this song is well played, in every aspect of the song, a great great job. Keep on rocken'


Dude I really think you should keep goin, eventually people are going to see your talent. Im not sure if you would but if you could, could you possibly try playing on the piano, The Bio Seahorse theme from MegaManX3. I really like that music for some reason. If you could give it a shot that would be great. Here is my email,
mrmagic5239@yahoo.com it would be great if you emailed me back thanks.

a classic.

i love megaman x games. 'nuff said.

wow, a masterpiece yo!

i enjoy hearing piano. especially classic style work. it's badass, but in a formal way. can't really explain it, but it's awesome. keep it up, cause i'm more of a guitarist.

Two great sounds, that didn't sound great at first

At first, this was hard for me to "get". But after listening to it for a bit, it was amazing, it was just so different from the original rock/electronic version that it caught me off guard, and quite frankly, that's a good thing. Keep up the good work.